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Battlereport Capitol vs Bauhaus

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So here it is, the battlereport from yesterday. Firstly a look at the armylists and the mission!
Basic game, Mission - Seize Ground

My Capitol Force
Warlord - Big Bob Watts with Bulls eye Battalion - 250pts
Troops - 5 x Light Infantry, Medic - 75pts
Troops - 5 x Airborne Cavalry, Medic - 110pts
Troops - 5 x Free Marines. M606 LMG - 105pts
Support - 5 x Martian Banshees, Medic - 125pts
Light Vehicle - 2 x Purple Sharks - 100pts
Total: 765pts
Karl´s Bauhaus
Warlord - Angelika Drachen - 170pts
Troops - 10 x Hussars, 2 x MG-40 LMG - 188pts
Troops - 5 x Etoiles Mortant, Gehenna Puker - 95pts
Support - 5 x Venusian Rangers, 2 x ARG-17 RPG, Camo Cloaks 155pts
Light Vehicle - Vulkan Battlesuit - 115pts
Total: 723pts
Mission was to get up on the rock in the middle and be alone with half of your remaining force on top of it until the end of a turn, from turn 4 and forward. Simple right? This was Karls first game and first time he played with a full painted force, great job!
Bauhaus went first and Deployed from the left: Vulkan, 10 man squad of Hussars and Angelika in the Forest.
Infiltrator Rangers popped up in the Woods and supported Angelika in the flank.
Leaving the 5 Mortants in reserve ready to Rapid deploy!
Caps Setup
From the left, 2 Purple Sharks, 5 man squad of Free Marines, Big Bob and a 5 man squad of Light Infantry.
Leaving the 5 Banshees and 5 Airborne Cavalry in reserve!
Turn 1
Hussars rushed forward as the Caps failed to seize the initiative! The Light Infantry dived for cover behind the bushes and started to give the Hussars a warm welcome!
All five of my "Finest" troops hides out in the bushes!
The Vulkan advances and tries to shoot out my Light Infantry BUT rolls a 20 and ending its activation! WOHO!
Free Marines hugs the rocks and lets one of them run out in LOS to be able to fire at the Rangers.
And I rolled a natural 1 first, I needed to roll against my RS to actually be able to use a shooting action, then I rolled another natural 1!!! HAHA Which means One Ranger bye bye, No armour roll, No heal! Sweet!
The Rangers responded with trying to take out the Free Marines with their Rocket Launchers resulting in..
Zero casualties! Haha, badass Marines! But the Panzerknacker took out the one hugging the other rock!
Finally Big Bob entered the firefight and used Aim his Tank-Eater Rounds to blast 1 SP in the Engine.
Angelika pushed on and through the forrest and deployed a..
House Valmonte Distortion Device!! (I know you guys could see that it was that!)
The Shark flew forward and shot of his Quad Cannon = RoF 6!!! Same here, needed to make a RS test to actually be able to shoot at them, and when I actually got to shoot him he had camo and help from cover so with  my remaining 6 RS (After all - for cover) I actually managed to shoot out one of the boys with Rocket Launcher.
(We forgot the "Get the Gun" rule here.)
This Shark also managed to take out one of the Rangers, while staying out of range from the "Distortion Device"
Now the heats started to rise, Gehenna Puker enters the battlefield! RoF 2 Flamer, Ouch!
Yea all 4 is under the template!
3 Dies, the forth is the one that the Rangers took out.
The Rulebook gave me a hardtime to!
The last remaining Free Marine seems abit outnumbered right?
Airborne to the rescue! After the HU-E Missle rain only 4 Hussars remained!
Turn 2
The Hussars makes a 180 turn and bursts lead and trimming the bushes and an Airborne!
Plus that Angelika burst through the woods and make san neurolash Energy Eruption and takes out 3 Airbornes!!!
Big Bob gets a wound from the Vulkan and returns the favour with another SP in the Engine and 1 SP in the Weaponsystem. The Infantry shoots the Vulkan with no result.
The Etoiles takes out one of the sharks. Then they run around the rock and ambushes Bob and gives him another wound! 
Casualties turn 2
Starting to look dark for the Capitols!
Turn 3
The Bauhausians win the Initiative AGAIN!!! Activates the Mortants first and runs forth with the Gehenna and burns Big Bob and a Light Infantrist to crisps!! :(
The other Mortant ends the life of my last Free Marine.
Try to save the Situation with a rapid deployment with the Banshees but they fail the LD test and scatter out of the board! 
The Rangers advances.
The Vulkan takes out the last remaining Light Infantry. 
Casualties turn 3
Now its almost over.. It looked so bright before!
Turn 4
 Rapid Deployment on the hill. Now its my Last Stand.
And this is how it ended. The Vulkan climbed the Hill and burned all but one Banshee.
Good game Karl! Really enjoyed playing, it felt like I had the game in my hands the first two turns but wow how wrong I was. I have said this before but loosing has never been so fun! I want a rematch soon! :D