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Back for now!

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So I´m back for now. Got to get pumped up because me and Prodos are gonna come kicking down at Gothcon!
Rob and some boys will manage the shop (They will have a whole classroom full of WzR stuff), and myself will throw some demogames. As it seems now my dear friend Dice and Brush wants go tag along for some learning from the master! (Thats me okey!?) Mr. Hamilkar himself will also make an apparence on the Saturday and maybe some special guests from the AvP Universe? 
So look for us there and maybe these badass looking minis can be yours!
Trencher Squad Commanders?
Hurricane Walker (Light Viechle)
 Trenchers, notice that Charger? Yea It can be yours!
 Golden Lions, AKA Shredders, the Turtle Banes!
The Light Tankette!
And this Badass mini!
 Valpurgis, but I will seriously play him as Saladin, until Saladin turn up in mini! ;)
And on the other hand here are some of the minis you can drool over at Gothcon until the get out in May! :D
Cant wait for them to show up on my birthday! :D
And different news, I have been working on a secret project I hope I can share with all of you soon! Otherwise you guys will have to wait some time, but it will be worth it! :D 
 I hope I see you guys at Gothcon! 


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