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Speculations about Cyber Exclusive

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So I've been thinking and sharing some thougts on Facebook. Firstly I was Hoping for either Vince or Beach, but Mark stated the model will be on a 30mm base and not a Warlord/Lord model.

At the forum where it was posted there were a Armylist with the following text:

Public Safety Team- 741 points
Warlord: Dr Diana Commander

Troops: Chasseurs, SSW5500 Rocket Launcher, PR4000 Plasma Rifle, Optical Enhancement, Weapon Cyber-Link

Troops: Chasseurs, PR4000 Plasma Rifle, Steel Skin, Mitochondrial Infusion

Support: Curiassers, +1 member, Femoral Enhancement

Support: Mirrormen, CSA404 swords, Compubrain

This is the highly-visible face of the Corporation, designed to show them off as a force for public protection and good. Hooray for Cybercurity! Dr Diana in charge and Chasseurs provide the human face, and the Mirrormen were always glory hounds. The Curiassers are there to show off Cyber's power and capabilities.

And the reply from Prodos was:
" I really like the 'Public Safety Team' idea and you really have chosen the best units to be the face of the 5th Corporations armed forces. I suspect you may need to add to this force very soon when the web exclusive model is announced!!!"

So then I started thinking about the other Exclusive model, the Archangel (Both models will be available at the Conventions and the "Secret Cyber" will also appear on the Webstore) will be included mission cards (It will also include its own cards for the resource deck), so why wouldnt this one include that to?

But back to the thoughts about the "Secret Cyber " since it is the Face of Cybertronic army list and they want to show the people their good side, protecting the people and upholding laws.
Why not enlist someones neighbour, your brother or your dad? Why not call in the people's volunteer?

What do you think guys? Am I dead wrong or could I actually be right?


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