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Assembling a Team!

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Third times the charm right? I've tried to write this two times today.. But here it is!

This weekend is full of activity! Today I'm (the whole family) moving to a new apartment! And on Sunday my little girl turns two years old!

Even with all the stress and panick packing I found time to glue together WZR Characters!

Mitch Hunter

He will be my Warlord in smaller games 500 - 600pts. In larger games he will be paired with either Bob or Drougan for a Doomtrooper pair.

Big Bob

This towering fellow will be my Warlord of choice since Im really a Ranged player. With him in charge Mitch and Drougan can pair up.


Now this guy cannot be used as a Warlord in Capitol since he's Imperial so he have to rely to his good relations to my Mitch to be able to see some fighting ;)


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