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More AVP Updates!

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So first off we have a Q&A Video with Prodos. If you havn´t seen it yet, do it! Its about an hour long but well worth it if you want to find out whats in the future or just interested about the KS,
They have announced all the Stretch Goals 
 We passed the 190k Stretch Goal andthe Crusher is now available as an Add-On!
Ohh.. A Clear Resin Predator now thats cool dont you think? Here´s the Material Sneak Peak 
Niiiiiiice! ;)
One of the Predator cards can be found on the KS page now too. Looking really good ( Some people complain about small font on the text, it seems to be the same as on the WZR cards so no problem with reading them!)

Another Update is this computer sculpt ( Which people think is the "Royal Guard", I have no idea ;) )
They have also updated the table showing all the pledge levels and what is so far unlocked. The Prodos baby hasn't yet arrived (Come on baby Rapson!), but when it does each pledger of 'We're in the Pipe' and above will additionally get £10 more of add-ons.
The Concept of the Wargame Rulebook 
The £210k stretch goal is the add on for a hardback version of the Board and Wargame Rules. If unlocked this product will be a full colour and lush document of approximately 150 pages for £25.
Only 9 days to go! 


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