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----Sensitive players beware! Evil Gamemastering ahead!----
So yeah last Saturday we decided to play a little old school HeroQuest. The guys and I had a couple of beers and aksed me to be the GM. Sure why not! (They would regret it later!! HAHA!)
We started off as you always do. At level 1! The Trial, easy piecy! Stick together, kill the boss and get the money! The Heroes are unaware of the perils and dangers they will face! (No Traps or Secret Doors!)
Lets start then! ;)
The Heroes split up 2 and 2 the first thing they do, the Elf and the Barbarian ends up fighting Goblins in the Torture Room while the Mage and the Dwarf faces of with an Orc in the Study Room!
After the poor little Goblin was put out the Barbarian charges in the next room wielding his Hammers of Wrath (Broadsword) and unleashes a thundering fury (Rolls two attack dices with his Broadsword....). :D
Meanwhile the Mage and Dwarf made a clean house in the Study, The Mage opens the door and fins a Fimir supported by a Goblin. The Mage quickly goes covering in fear in the corner! Yelling pathetic things and crying to the Dwarf for help (All while he prepares his... Shank? Yea thats what the players agreed that the Mage had.)
The Elf and Barbarian makes the process short of the Goblin and while the Elf searches the room, Mr. Hammer Time goes knocking on the nearby door. As for the Dwarf and mage they get in a rather handfull situation.
The Elf found an Orc while searching behind the Altar which he fled from and let the Barbarian take care of. And after the Fimir and Goblin had been shanked and flashlighted(Yes that was apparently the Dwarf weapon, the model had what looked like a flashlight okey? :D) to death, the greedy Dwarf blocked the door from the Mage so that he could search the Weaponrack for juicy loot! While the Mage runs of to find other treasures!
Too the Dwarfs great dissapointment the Weapons on the rack are of poor condition, rusted and chipped! Thats what you get for being greedy! ;)
The Mage opens the door and finds TWO! Chaos Warriors in the Library! YIKES!!!! (Oh a chest, the Dwarf immediately smells treasure!)
While the Mage stands frozen in horror the Barbarian and Elf cleans out another room full of Goblins while the Dwarf slowly makes his way towards the Mages rescue!
One of the Chaos Warriors runs after the Mage, while the other guards the Treasure Chest! He will not stand in the way for this greedy Dwarf! 
While the case and fighting continues the Barbarian and Elf are having a snack in the Dining Room!
Suddenly the GM finds out that a magic door appears in the Magic Room! (Yes I forgot it okey!? ;) ) The Elf runs towards in a runs into a couple of Skeletons. In the meantime the Barbarian have a sneaky plan to undo the chasing Chaos Warrior!
Hiding in the corners waiting for his time to strike, very Barbarian! Hopefully the Mage will duck in time! 
The Plan was a SUCCESS! But the Dwarf is down to ONE Body Point and the Mage comes to his rescue with Healing Water! 
With his renewed strength the Dwarf runs towards the Chest!(Did I mention it was empty? xD) With the Chaos Warrior right behind him! 
The Barbarian has had two struggeling turns of trying to defeat the Chaos Warrior, so the Mage had to rescue him to by shanking the Chaos Warrior while he was busy maiming the Barbarian!
The Elf opens the next door and to his horror finds two Zombies and a Huge Mummy! The are laying a trap for the Heroes(Or preparing for a bufé), who runs to the Elfs help! 
The Elf tries to do a Sneaky move. Using his Pass Through Walls, but end up in another room full of monsters! He is trapped!
The Monsters are defeated, the Elf is rescued!  and the Heroes continue their Quest. 
They reach the final room, The Throne Room where the Evil Gargoyle and his closest men and monsters awaits the Heroes!
The Battle is won the Heroes defeat the Evil Gargoyle but at a price, the Barbarian got four hits at the end by a Chaos Warrior and was killed! Mohahahah! 
We played one more Mission, but I didnt take any photos since we were watching the SC3 Finals from Dreamhack during that mission. But we can say that TWO more heroes were slained by the GMs godlike rolling, their Bane was two Orcs! Which also saved ALL! their armour rolls! It was amazing, and truly evil! Yes I laughed and hold my belly while the Dwarf and Elf both were put down! :D 
Still the remaining two, the Barbarian and the Mage managed to save Sir Ragnar from his Prison! Good job, it was a blast! 
We will try to play atleast once every other week at Saturdays, not just HeroQuest but other games as well like Blood Berets, Resident Evil DBG and so on. Hope you enjoyed the reading and check back soon! ;) 


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