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HeroQuest - The Quest Continues

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----Sensitive players beware! Evil Gamemastering ahead!----

So last night was another HeroQuest session with me at the throne as GM! It was a night of evil laughter and magnificent dice rolling! ;)
Prince Magnus has ordered that Sir Ragnars kidnapper the Orc Warlord Ulag is to be sought out and destroyed!
The Heroes kicks in the the first door and faces the welcoming committee, 4 goblins playing cards during guard duty!
The Heroes quickly dispose of the Goblins and the Fimir whos sneaks behind the next door waiting for the Heroes!
The Barbarian want more bloodshed so he quickly moves to the first door he sees and bumps into two battleready Orcs!
The Barbarian jumps roght into action with the Dwarf watching his back while the Mage and the Elf takes the route up and away from the battle!
One of the Orcs land a boneshattering 3 skulls on the attack! Taste that Barbarian! HAHA! ( Evil GM Laughter!)
The Mage and the Elf finds the Armory, guarded by an Orc and a Fimir! (Yes a magic door is in the room which cannot be reached in this Quest)
After the Barbarian and Dwarf made the process short with the Orcs another Orc lies in an ambush and backstab the Barbarian in the back, with his axe!
After swinging his mace over his shoulder and killing the Orc, the Barbarian and Dwarf pushes further in and finds a bookshelf and two Goblins! Meanwhile the Elf and Mage finishes the fighting with the Orc and the Fimir.
The Dwarf takes the lead when he and the Barbarian stomps the Goblins to death. In the next room a Fimir and 3 Orcs wait for the heroes to make their move! In the end the Orcs and Fimir meets their maker and the Elf and Mage catches up with the rest of the group and enters the next door!
 The Barbarian and Dwarf charges straight in and end up fighting a Chaos Warrior and 2 Goblins (Why would Ulag have two Goblins as his personal guard?) and in the back the towering Orc Warlord Ulag!
The Dwarf drinks his Potion of Strength and gets the spell Courage from the Elf and he rolls all shields on the dices when attempting to strike at Ulag! *Evil Chuckle bursting out to maniac laughter* Hahaha :D
The Chaos Warrior goes down to his last wound but manage to slay the Barbarian and throws him up in the table!
And then the Mighty Ulag slays the puny Dwarf and throws him across the room! Who is next!? ;)
The Elf slays the last Goblin and then they retreat to the other room and slashes Ulag with support of the Mage and his poking quarterstaff!
At last they slay the Migthy Ulag and moves forward to the last room where they find a chest!!!
The Chest was a trap and a sneaky Orc hid in it and charges up and attackthe Elf. But is then killed and sliced up by the Elf and put back in the chest!
That ends the Third Quest
The Thief Warband in the Black Mountains led by the Chaos Warrior Gulthor has stolen 3 chests of gold from Prince Magnus, The heroes must retrieve them and give them back to the Emperor!
Gulthor has two goblins patrolling the Entrance with are quickly chopped up by the new Dwarf and Barbarian in the group!
They enter a loooooong corridor and a door in the far end of it. In there they find 2 Orcs having a snack!
The Dwarf runs right in a Spear Trap! And takes an arrow to the knee and loses one Body Point!
The Orcs are easily dealt with and the party continues while the Barbarian is a slowpoke. (Apparently he´s an Emo Barbarian who is a real pessimist! He is sure they will never get out alive)
They wait him in and burst into the next room and runs into two Orcs!
After the Orcs have fallen they discover a corridor with two doors!
The Dwarfs says he smells gold behind this door and boots right into the Torture Chamber and two Goblins with meathooks!
The Goblins met their doom and the Barbarian bursts thorugh the door and falls down a pitfall! AAAHHHH! *Thud* 1 damage! (Hihihi this is funny! :D)
The Elf enters the Torture Chamber and finds a Fimir under the Streacthbench (Looks for treasure)
Meanwhile the Mage tries to make it to the other door but falls into a pitfill! *Mohahahahah!*
While the Mage tries to climb out from the hole, the rest of the party makes an " Ali G gangbang" (Yes thats what they said) on the poor Fimir.
The Mage crawls out of the hole, the Elf jumps over the fall and the Barbarian and the Dwarf faces off with an Orc.
They make a short work of the Orc and enters a study where they find a secret door!
The Dwarf is the first one to go through and check if the coast is clear.
The Mage checks this room for Traps and Secret Door, but finds nothing!
After a long corridor the Dwarf finds a Door! The Barbarian is keeping up the paste and now the Elf is the one dragging his feet behind! 
They enter the room and finds 3 Orcs warming themselves by the Fireplace!
The fight is quickly over and the Orcs are thrown into the fire. Still no sight of the Mage?
They find the Treasure Room full of chests and enemies! Goblins charge! :D
Gulthor yells: Minions do the box! But in the end the Chaos Warrior and the rest of his thieves are put down and the heroes return the treasure to the Emperor and recieves 240 gold as a reward!
End of the Forth Quest
The Heroes must find an Ancient Artifact before the Minions of Zargon!
As always the Dwarf takes the lead!
He finds a Throne room and the Elf finds a long corridor and in the en of it a Mummy!
The Dwarf finds a Secret Door when he touches a key and the Throne slides to the side. Meanwhile the Elf kills of the Mummy with his new Crossbow he bought.... He needs to die!
The barbarian finds a Study room behind the Throne with 3 Orcs inside!
The Barbarian becomes a scared little chicken and runs out to the Dwarf for help! But in the end the Orcs are killed and they continue.
The party has formed a train who intents to run this Mummy over!
The Dwarf finds another Undead who needs a clobbering
While the Barbarian opens Library full of Undead the Dwarf turns the Skeleton to dust.
The Dwarf finds a room with a Cupboard, otherwise its empty
The Combat needed a lot of pointing and Tactics from the heroes 
The Dwarf is a master of finding lonely undead!
The Heroes dont know whcich door to open, they are scared of traps!
They find a room with a Stone Gargoyle and instantly pee themselves! (Almost atleast)
The greed of the Dwarf strikes and behind the Gargoyle a Zombie lies in hiding waiting for a midnight snack!
After defeating the Zombie the Dwarf opens the door and to his terror the Gargoyle starts moving!
The Gargoyle stare down the Heroes as the Skeletons charges through the door! The Heroes destroys them all and leave with the Relic and their lives! 
End of Quest Six!
Hope you enjoyed the reading! :D


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