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So first of the Razide will get boosted in the new year with this amazing looking sculpt with alternate heads!
Its a really good idea, and I like the purple! ;)
Otherwise progression is going slow at home, soon christmas is here and during the vacation I will probably have a couple of games and have painted up the most of whats left of the Caps. I still wait for the last Heavy Infantry body to be able to assemble it all. So Paul´s Pistonheads can be a full five man squad, 
Mutant Chronicles 3rd RPG
The KS will start in january! Finally!! And me and some of my international friends(Blog Bro Ishi, Gamer Templates Paul,) + Hamilkar have been taling about starting a gaming group over skype and play a session a month. That would be legendary!
The Agents 
So I got my "The Agents" game... BUT!.. It had been badly treated on the way over the atlantic and it looks like the mailman sat on it on his way over here as well. I have mailed Double Edge games but have not gotten any answers yet.I hope everything inside is okey! Here is the shape of the package. 
Thanks for this time! 


  • Walle säger:

    Tråkigt, hoppas allt finns kvar. Starta RP gruppen, jag vill höra om det är ett bra system

    Svar: Jorå allt var kvar. Posten eller tullen i Schwiez hade öppnat packetet och tejpat igen det igen. Jorå så fort vi får igång KS:n i Januari så vi kan köpa in oss! Och jag tycker de va ett bra system! :P
    Sebastian Möller

    2013-12-18 | 20:43:44

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